Thank you for your interest in Shayype

Shayype is more secure and easier to use than passwords as it uses patterns or shapes in place of clunky codes

before you can try Shayype, you’ll need to create your own secret pattern. fill in your name and email in the boxes (on the left) and click “sign up”. The system will then send you an email. when it arrives, click on the link in the email and you’ll see a grid with numbers. simply click on six cells to ‘draw’ a pattern or shape you can remember (the order you click the cells is also important)

this will be the ‘secret’ you’ll use instead of a password, so it needs to be something memorable, without being too obvious or guessable!

as soon as you’ve done that, the system will show you the cells you clicked on by highlighting them. if you’re happy with your choice, click ‘Confirm’

Shayype will then ask you to type in the numbers in your pattern or shape and click OK. you’ll be told if you’ve done it correctly. click ‘Save’ – and that’s it. you’re set up and ready to use Shayype!

what will happen then?

it will be really helpful if testers like yourself log in at different times and dates – sometimes leaving it several days between logins. so we’ll send you a suggested schedule of how often to use the system and when

how do I log in with Shayype?

just go to [login address], enter your user-name or email, enter the numbers on the matrix corresponding to your Shayype pattern, and click Login. it’s as simple as that!

does my pattern have to be unique?

no. there are 2.1 billion possible patterns in the Shayype 6x6 matrix (if you use one cell twice). even if someone chose the same pattern, your combination of pattern and user-name will be different

are there any tips for creating a secure pattern?

if you prefer a ‘joined-up’ pattern (for instance an L- shape, a tick etc) then put a break or two in it, making guessing the shape very difficult. having one or more ‘random’ cells spaced well apart from the others is also good. another is using a ‘shape’ that’s really big – such as a ‘V’ using cells on the top and near the bottom of the grid. Shayype is a toolkit for your online security, which you’ll get better and better at using

when I’m using Shayype will I ever touch the matrix display?

no. you never touch the matrix – as this would show someone watching what your pattern is! it’s one of the strengths of Shayype. you only ever input your Shayype codes on a computer’s keyboard or a separate on-screen key-pad on a smart device’s screen

why does Shayype only use the numbers 0-5?

this is to ensure each digit appears several times, making users’ patterns very hard to guess, even if a hacker sees a code being entered or someone shouts out a code


don’t panic everyone is new to Shayype at this point. just fill out the support form [Jon insert page link] and we’ll get back to you to assist. If you want us to call you, send us a phone number where we can reach you