It’s almost impossible to do anything online these days without a password, PIN or other fixed code of some kind. A string of characters we have to somehow remember, then input – all of which can be a pain.

But the real pain is that such fixed codes, because they never change, can be easily captured by hackers, then re-used. And no-one then knows for sure who’s using that code. You, or the hacker?

So every time we input a static code, we risk someone else either recording what we’re typing, looking over our shoulder as we hit the keys, intercepting the whole process from the depths of the Internet, buying sets of passwords from the ‘dark web’, or even taking an old computer of ours to bits and getting passwords from that.

In a way passwords are like front door keys, and we need to take much better care of them. Yet we’re not at present given the tools to do so. All we have is passwords, and even though we know they’re ‘broken’ as a security method, we don’t have a choice. We’re forced to use them.

Which is why we wanted to create a neat way designed to allow users like you to input a DIFFERENT code every time, using brain-friendly simple patterns (which are actually amazingly secure) in place of horrendous fixed strings of characters.

Our eventual aim is to change the world by giving everyone who uses large, public-facing websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc) the chance to use hacker-resistant login/authorisation codes that change every time. But that’s some way in the future.

We’d like you to try Shayype out. Your feedback will be incredibly helpful, and will also assist us in persuading websites, as well as financial and other organisations to adopt it. Together we can help make the online world safer.

Have fun!