Shayype Launches at Pboro Neighbourhood Watch AGM

Shayype’s long awaited test site ( has been launched, with a first public showing at the AGM of the Peterborough Neighbourhood Watch Association - where we faced some tough (but  good-natured!) questioning from an extremely clued up and security-minded audience.

We also chose the event to launch our message that the world, in trying to fix the problem of password security by piling on more and more complexity, and simply trying to patch the issue with biometrics and identity devices, has perhaps got it diametrically wrong - or in layman’s language “about face”!

It was interesting to see that once we laid out the problems passwords have, the dangers of digitised biometric information falling into the wrong hands and not being re-settable, as well as the way devices have clearly failed to challenge the continued universal use of passwords, no-one seemed to be disagreeing with our message.

Those present representing NHW groups across Shayype’s home city, including Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, former Scotland Yard detective Cllr Andy Coles, asked a range of insightful and searching questions. These included everything from the security offered by Shayype, to whether those interested in using the system would have to wait for organisations like banks and website publishers to adopt it.

A big thank you should go to Eileen Le Voi, creator of the brilliant Safe Local Trades website, for sponsoring a great buffet lunch, ably prepared for us by the staff at the Paston Farm Community Foundation. Also to outgoing chairman Alan Paul (who takes over on communications) for inviting us to present at the event in the first place.

Many present seemed interested in signing up to trial Shayype, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with NHW groups in other parts of both Cambridgeshire and the rest of the UK too as time goes on.