what is Shayype?
how will it keep me safer online?
ordinary passwords can easily fall into the wrong hands. we can prevent this happening using different Shayype codes every time
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will Shayype give me more control?
yes. for a long time we’ve needed something that allows you to control the amount of information you use when identifying yourself online, over the phone or face-to-face
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will this help everyone on earth?
fixed passwords are involved in about two-thirds of all hacking attacks and data breaches. what we’re doing here – with your help – will help make the world safer
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Shayype is the new all-purpose technology for proving you are who you say you are – anywhere, any time

Designed to protect sites and networks as well as their users’ identities, while improving the login experience.

how can I help?

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just by trying Shayype out and giving us your feedback, you’ll help enormously. your input will help us prove whether or not Shayype is easy to use

why is this better than fingerprints etc?

using body parts (fingerprints, faces, irises etc) to identify someone is very personal and often extremely intrusive. and once you’ve been scanned, you have no control over that information. also the information gets stored in a database somewhere – and we all know what happens to those

aren’t ‘strong’ passwords still useful?

sadly no. hackers often use ‘malware’ or physical devices which let them read everything you type.  even a really long password or pass-phrase doesn’t help keep you safe